Amy Winters Events

Amy Winters Events provides full service event planning and party coordination for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and parties galore!

Our clients want their events to be as unique and as individual as they are. We pride ourselves, with each wedding and event, on the mutual respect that develops from the relationship we build with our clients. Our connection to each family is what makes us  the most sought after boutique wedding and party planning company in the New York/New Jersey area. From this relationship, we are able to conceptualize and understand the clients needs and visions. We plan your event, side by side with you, to make it a memory that will last forever. Amy Winters is personally involved in each wedding or Bar Mitzvah and is at every party Amy Winters Events creates.

Our unmatched experience and visions are our most valuable resource. With over 18 years experience, Amy Winters and her exceptional team will see to it that every detail is met with meticulous attention so that every moment is yours to cherish. You and your family will be given the gift of coming to your own event as guests, being able to indulge yourselves in every single moment of your special day.

Wedding planning and party planning is a talent and gift that flourishes from years of experience. Amy Winters Events is The Wedding Planning and Party Planning company that has stood the test of time. Now call us to see why.

Allow us the privilege of making your dreams come true.